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Repressive Strafverfolgung von Sista Oloruntoyin wegen des #BlackLivesMatter-Protests vor dem US-Konsulat am 5. Juni 2020

Liebe Grüße an alle,

wir möchten Euch darüber informieren, dass ein Strafverfahren gegen Sista Oloruntoyin von der Black Community Coalition of Justice & Self-Defence

am 03. Februar 2022, um 09:00 Uhr,

im Gerichtssaal 176

Amtsgericht Hamburg stattfinden wird

(Strafjustizgebäude/Criminal Justice Building, Sievekingplatz 3)
Sista Oloruntoyin (LaToya Manly-Spain) muss sich wegen des Vorwurfs der „Abhaltung einer verbotenen oder nicht angemeldeten Kundgebung und Demonstration trotz Verbots oder polizeilicher Aufforderung zur Auflösung nach § 26 Versammlungsgesetz“ verantworten. Am 5. Juni 2020 versammelten sich rund 5000 Demonstranten aus Solidarität vor dem US-Konsulat in Hamburg, um ein starkes Signal in die Welt zu senden. Wir sehen die juristische Kriminalisierung von Sista Oloruntoyin als einen Angriff auf die Schwarze Community in Hamburg und alle Protestierenden. Wir rufen alle zivilgesellschaftlichen Gruppen und Organisationen zur aktiven Unterstützung und Solidarität auf.

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Repressive prosecution of Sista Oloruntoyin for the #BlackLivesMatter protest in front of the U.S. Consulate on June 5, 2020

Greetings Dear All,

This is to inform that there will be a criminal court case against Sista Oloruntoyin of the Black Community Coalition of Justice & Self-Defence

on 03. February 2022, at 09:00 am,

at courtroom 176

Amtsgericht Hamburg

(Strafjustizgebäude/Criminal Justice Building, Sievekingplatz 3)

Sista Oloruntoyin (LaToya Manly-Spain) faces criminal charges for allegedly “holding a prohibited or unregistered manifestation and rally in spite of ban or police order to disperse in accordance with Paragraph 26 of the law on assemblies”. About 5000 protesters joined in solidarity to send a strong signal across the globe. We are seeing this juridical criminalisation of Sista Oloruntoyin as an attack on the Black Community in Hamburg and all protesters. We call on all civil society groups and organisations to come out in active support and solidarity.

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Institutioneller Rassismus in der Medizin

Aufzeichnung einer Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema „Institutioneller Rassismus in der Medizin: Perspektiven für Gesundheitserziehung, Patientenbefähigung und Rechenschaftspflicht“ vom 01.10.2021 im Rahmenprogramm „Politisches Denken & Kritisches Bewusstsein“, organisiert von der BLACK COMMUNITY Coalition for Justice & Self-Defence beim ALAFIA 2021 – Afrika Festival 


Moderation Sista Oloruntoyin (BCCJSD und ARRiVATi-Community Care)                                                                                                 – Dr. med. Amma Yeboah (Fachärztin für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie und Psychodynamische Supervisorin –                                                                 – Ngozi Odenigbo (Black in Medicine – Netzwerk für Schwarze Mediziner*innen –                                 – Die Minga Katjomuise (Bundesfachnetz Gesundheit & Rassismus –                 – Daniel Manwire (Initiative in Gedenken an Achidi John)                 – Brother Mwayemudza (BCCJSD und ARRiVATi-Community Care) Continue reading Institutioneller Rassismus in der Medizin

Politisches Denken & Kritisches Bewusstsein

Rahmenprogramm der BLACK COMMUNITY Coalition for Justice & Self-Defence zum ALAFIA-AFRIKA FESTIVAL 2021

01. – 03. Oktober 2021 (bitte Corona 3G-Regeln beachten)

Politisches Denken & Kritisches Bewusstsein

Rahmenprogramm der

BLACK COMMUNITY Coalition For Justice & Self-Defence

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COMMUNITY MATTERS – An Educational Series for Wellbeing & Critical Consciousness


An Educational Series for Wellbeing & Critical Consciousness
Thursdays, 30. September, 07. October & 14. October. 2021 | 20:00 – 22:00 h CEST
With Sister Ankwetta B. Achaleke
!!! Registration mandatory required – pls mail to: !!!
Introduction to GloBUNTU
“When you learn, teach.”
Dr. Maya Anglou
This 3-Part Webinar has been developed is for members of the Black Communities and all African and Afro-Diasporan groups and organisations. It is made up of three progressive interactive sessions. You will get the best out of it by attending all the sessions. The first two sessions are designed to prepare your mind for the final session, which is a facilitated brainstorming session intended to empower you to clearly recognise and express yourself and your needs within the community, without the fear of being judged or misunderstood.
The end goal is to assist you to become a vibrant, healthy, engaging and enabling community that sees, understands, respects and encourages the diversity of people, opinions, contributions and collaborations within the Black Communities.
Active participation €15 per Session|
All Sessions together for €35 only |
Passive participation €5 per Session |
Free for those with low income
Session 1
Thursday, 30. September 2021 | 20.00h CEST
COMMUNITY MATTERS : Session 1 Identity | Self-Worth | Purpose (Facebook-Event)
We are more effective, impactful and fulfilled in life the moment we recognise and fully embrace who we truly are, and what we are worth.”
Ankwetta B. Achaleke
In this first session, we focus on core questions such as
Who am I REALLY?
What is my SELF-WORTH? and
What is MY ROLE within the community?
To do this we shall leverage on your multi-dimensional identities paying special attention on attributes such as immigrant, second generation, African, Person of African Descent, African European, Bi-racial etc. At the end of this session you would be able to redefine and recalculate the sum total of yourself- worth and identify ways on how you can best use it to serve yourself and the community.
When you know what you are truly worth, you know how to bring yourself to the table and when you know how and where to seat at the table, your presence alone makes all the difference.
Session 2
Thursday, 7. October 2021 | 20.00h CEST
COMMUNITY MATTERS: Session 2 – The permission to heal (Facebook-Event)
As Africans and People of African Descent brandmarked as immigrants, we are all wounded souls who seek for some form of collective healing by organising ourselves in communities. The truth is that we can’t really honestly heal as a collective, until we the individuals who form these communities have consciously and proactively healed or at least given ourselves the permission to heal.”
Ankwetta B. Achaleke
With the knowledge of who you really are, the awareness of yourself worth and your purpose gained from the first session, this one will help you identify areas of your life as individuals and as a community that need personal and collective healing. The practical GloBUNTU Tools and Tips that come with this session will empower you to activate and accept your own healing, as well as help you learn how to proactively engage in and grow your healing as a collective. At the end of the session you will also be able to identify the intersections and overlapping between individual, community, historical/generational and or emotional pains that you need to let go to allow yourself to heal, unapologetically.
Session 3
Thursday, 14. October 2021 | 20.00h CEST
COMMUNITY MATTERS : Session 3 – How to balance individual and Community Needs (Facebook-Event)
“In ever self-organised community, every voice counts, irrespective of how loud or gentle it is. The moment we learn how to listen to every one of our voices with respect, especially in moments of disagreement, we become stronger and with that we have an advantage over forces outside of our community “
Ankwetta B. Achaleke
This adjourning session is a GloBUNTU Facilitated Open Session in the form of an “African Palaver” or “Legotla”. The power of an African Palaver or Legotla session lies in the fact that it is probably the oldest and most participative leadership concept in the world. It is a bottom up concept that brings members of a community together and gives them the time and space to proactively listen to each other, with the ultimate goal of coming out with answers to their own challenges and questions. The beauty of this approach is the fact that when people are have the space to develop their own solutions, they have ownership over them. With that ownership they are in position to expand, extend and grow their solutions at their own pace, whenever needed and on their own terms and conditions. In other words, this concept helps people get to know themselves and their collective wisdom and strength much better. This in turn helps them to tap into their diverse expertise, experiences and strengths to develop their own survival strategies. This process makes them active and valuable members of the community.
The mission of this session is to encourage community members to use the knowledge and tools they learned from the two previous sessions to pinpoint and share their current challenges, expectations, opinions, fears, insecurities etc. The facilitation process will assist them to come out with enabling tools and tips that they can repeatedly use to better navigate their daily live as individuals and as a community during and beyond the current pandemic.

The Role of Religion in the Struggle for total Afrikan Emancipation

Academy for Black Studies, African Culture & Heritage

Free Lecture Series for Adults & Children of African Descent


This event has to be postponed from September 5th to September 12th due to power shortage in Guyana with a shortly announced power cut today on September 5th.

NEW DATE: 12.09.2021 | 15-17H

We apologize for any inconveniences connected to short notice and change of date!
This event will address the social function of religion, the role of imperial theologies and the concept of total emancipation.
What is the role of religion as a determinant of what we believe and how we should act and respond as Africans to emancipate ourselves from „Mental slavery“?
When we look at most African countries, we find that religion is a social aspect which determines identity. This issue of religion is often partly the cause of the problems that are destroying traditional knowledges and practices in our communities. In all African societies, indigenous and imported religions have influenced our shared collective history in one way or another.
Gerald A. Perriera will shed light on the origin of imported colonizing religions and highlight the importance of religion for emancipation and liberation.
Has the quest for unity and emancipation been compromised by religions?
Can the quest for unity and emancipation be divorced from the inherent beliefs in different religions?
This lecture aims to raise awareness and understanding of religion derived from a shared African experience and identity.

Gerald A. Perreira is an education consultant working in the field of Adult Literacy Education. He is also a political activist, writer and Chairman of the Guyanese political formation- Organization for the Victory of the People.
He is the holder of academic degrees in the areas of political science, transpersonal psychology, theology – with a Ph.D. in theology. He also holds post graduate certificates in education and business studies. He has worked in the education sector for almost 40 yrs in Guyana, Libya and New Zealand. In Libya, he lectured at the Green World Institute on liberation movements, comparative social systems, and political ideologies.
Academy for Black Studies, African Culture and Heritage
Ongoing free lectures…
Black Community Coalition for Justice & Self-Defence

Introduction into Afrocentric Education

EN – DE↓

Academy of Black Studies, African Culture & Heritage

Free lecture series and classes for all age groups


Introduction into Afrocentric Education – Lecture by Lilian Debrah (UK)

Sunday 1. August 2021 | 3 – 5 pm (CEST) | Zoom-Online

Why is African contribution and history left out of the school curriculum?

What exactly is Afrocentric education?

In this interactive lecture we will understand what African centered education is and why it is important. Lilian Debrah will give a brief introduction into Afrocentric education, the definition, challenges and chances. Join this very important presentation. Providing our children an African-centered education curriculum is a vital part of Afrikan Liberation, helping our community heal and dismantle racism.


Lilian Debrah is a German-born Pan Africanist of Ghanaian heritage. She moved to England in 2013. Her research focuses on Afrocentric education. She is Vice President of GPAN -Global Pan Africanism Network.


Academy of Black Studies, African Culture & Heritage

Kostenlose Vortragsreihen und Kurse für alle Altersgruppen

Anmeldung per Mail:

Einführung in Afrozentrische Bildung – Vortrag von Lilian Debrah (UK)

Sonntag 01. August 2021 | 15 – 17 Uhr (MESZ) | Zoom-Online

Warum werden Afrikanische Einflüsse und Geschichte in den Lehrplänen nicht berücksichtigt?

Was genau ist afrozentrische Bildung?


In diesem interaktiven Vortrag werden wir verstehen lernen, was afrikazentrierte Bildung ist und warum sie wichtig ist. Lilian Debrah wird uns eine kurze Einführung in afrozentrische Bildung, ihre Definition, ihre Herausforderungen und ihre Chancen geben. Beteiligen Sie sich an dieser sehr wichtigen Veranstaltung. Unseren Kindern einen afrikazentrierten Lehrplan zu bieten, ist ein wichtiger Teil der afrikanischen Befreiung, der unserer Community hilft, zu heilen und den Rassismus zu überwinden.

Lilian Debrah ist eine in Deutschland geborene Panafrikanistin mit ghanaischen Wurzeln. Sie zog 2013 nach England. Ihre Forschung konzentriert sich auf afrozentrische Bildung. Sie ist Vizepräsidentin von GPAN -Global Pan Africanism Network.

Africa Unity Week 2021

“Africa is one continent, one people, and one nation”       (Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah)

The African Liberation Day is not just an event, but a day to honor our ancestors and celebrate our victories. It is also a day of commitment and re-commitment in the struggle to create a world based on peace and justice. As always, we continue to call for the masses of our people to take responsibility for our liberation and join an organization working for the self-determination of Africans and liberation of humanity in general and African people in particular.

We are organizing this program together with the Coalition May 25 that has published a CALL FOR MAY 25TH, 2021 – Stop racism and police violence!  (deutschfrançaisespañolportuguêsKiswahiliአማርኛ)

Events of the Coalition May 25

Please join us in celebrating African Liberation Day 2021:

Our Program:


18. May 2021„Forward Ever to Worldwide Pan-African Unity!“ – Online-Lecture by Brother Ahjamu from the A-APRP

22. May 2021 | 16-19h | Wandsbek Markt Hamburg             „Arts, Culture and Heritage“ – Empowerment and   Commemoration Rally (Drum Call, Solidarity Messages,   Speeches, Poetry – Open   mike)

23. May 2021 | 15-17h | Online-Zoom                                    Black Community Town Hall –                                                   „The Schooling and Education of Black Children in a White     Society“

24. May 2021 | 16-19h | Wandsbek Markt Hamburg               „SoroSoke! Speak Up!“ – Empowerment and Commemoration   Rally with Drum Calls, Solidarity Messages, SoroSoke, Open   Mike

25. May 2021 | 12-14h | Rathausmarkt Hamburg           AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY – FORWARD EVER TOWARDS   PAN-AFRICAN UNITY – 63rd Anniversary 1958-2021   Empowerment and Commemoration Rally – United against   neo-colonial and neo-liberal intrigue & aggression!“



18. May 2021„Forward Ever to Worldwide Pan-African Unity!“ – Online-Lecture by Brother Ahjamu from the A-APRP

A dynamic and comprehensive visual presentation that connects the conditions of African (Black) people living and suffering in 120 countries worldwide to the conditions of our Mother – Africa, and how African unity, or Pan-Africanism, is the solution to all of the challenges we face from police terrorism to poverty to health issues.


22. May 2021 Arts, Culture and Heritage“

Empowerment & Commemoration Rally | 15-19 h | Wandsbek Markt Hamburg


with Drum Calls, Solidarity Messages, Speeches, Poetry – Open Mike

Africa United can never be defeated!

Come Join this great Movement

Touch One –Touch All



Black Community Town Hall – The Schooling and Education of Black Children in a White Society

Sunday, 23. May 2021 | 15-17h | Online-Zoom

Keynote by Prof. Kehinde Andrews (Birmingham City University)

„Black Communities organising the education of our Children in a White Society“

– examples from the UK including history and current developments of Black Studies

Panelists of educational practices: Lilian Debrah (UK) | Dr. Rahab Njeri (Kenia) | Odilia Anyachi (Kenia/NL) | Mario St Fleur (Haiti/US) | Jethro Chikato (Zimbabwe)


Come Join this great Movement

AFRICA UNITY WEEK 18.05.2021 – 25.05.2021



SoroSoke! Speak Up!

Monday, 24. May 2021 | 16-19h | Wandsbek Markt Hamburg

Empowerment and Commemoration Rally

with Drum Calls, Solidarity Messages, SoroSoke – Open Mike

We will Honour and play the music of Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone, Fela Anikulapo Kuti,  Hachalu Hundessa and other ancestors


Africa United can never be defeated!

Come Join this great Movement

Touch One –Touch All

AFRICA UNITY WEEK 18.05.2021 – 25.05.2021




Tuesday, 25. May 2021 | 12-14h | Rathausmarkt Hamburg

Empowerment and Commemoration  Rally – United against neo-colonial and neo-liberal intrigue & aggression!

We recognize the courageous struggles of All Indigenous People Worldwide, the Palestinians and other non-African. colonized people. Unity and solidarity among oppressed people is crucial to the overthrow of imperialism because we are fighting a common enemy.


Africa United can never be defeated! 

Come Join this great Movement

Touch One –Touch All

AFRICA UNITY WEEK 18.05.2021 – 25.05.2021


10 years  AFRICA UNITY WEEK 2011- 2021

„AFRICA UNITY WEEK“ is a week-long action week honouring Africa’s rich and unique heritage. Our main goal is the establishment of the „AFRICAN LIBERATION DAY“ (May 25) in Hamburg.

+ Congratulate friends and family on May 25
+ Wear African Attire or Pan African Colours (Red,Black,Green)

+ Support and attend Africa Unity Week events
+ Learn and educate about getting involved
in community groups and organisations

+ Attend the AUW Rally on Saturday May 22 & 24

+ Attend the ALD Rally on Saturday May 25

+ Send us information about your Community Group or Organisation

AFRICA UNITY WEEK 18.05.2021 – 25.05.2021

The Africa Unity Week is a programme of the BLACK COMMUNITY  Coalition for Justice & Self-Defence organized to unify and support all People of African Descent as they celebrate Africa Day.

During the Africa Unity Week the aim is:

  • join the world wide commemoration and to celebrate the identity and heritage of people of African descent living in Germany
  • to promote self-determination by celebrating and supporting Black business and organisations in Germany
  • to create a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas and experiences on issues of common interest affecting not only the Black Community in Germany, but also the Mother Continent and other Black Diaspora
    • to commit, unite and organize to fight racism and all forms of injustice in Germany and thus thus contribute to making Germany a more humane society
    • to support the struggle for liberation, human rights, and social justice in Africa and
    • to support the fight against neocolonialism and Imperialist Oppression

Come Join this great Movement

Wear traditional atire or Pan-African colors (red, black or green) during the AFRICA UNITY WEEK. Using  hashtags #ProudlyAfrican

Make Artwork, videos or photos for the African Unity and post it on social media Take a picture and share on-line with the hashtags #AfricaLiberation and #AfricansMustUnite.• •.using the hashtags #AfricaUnite

Contact:  Sista Oloruntoyin Tel.015785508102 | Brother Mwayemudza 017699621504


AFRICA UNITY WEEK 18.05.2021 – 25.05.2021